vineri, 18 februarie 2011

I wanna get stoned

all by myself

on a lost highway

lookin’ at the golden fields of corn and sunflowers


I wanna see the weirdest things

wanna have the most hallucinating experiences

I want to be frightened to death

I wanna go to hell on honeymoon with my inner self

I want to be helpless

I want to be alone

with no one to save me

I wanna be abducted by aliens

I wanna fight zombies

I wanna dodge all kind of stuff flying thru the air

I want to make several heart attacks and never die

I want to feel good

In ways everybody else feels terrible

I wanna sail on movie scripts

I wanna look at my body in the mirror

and see myself in white and black

I wanna be Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver

I wanna get mad and shoot all the pimps and drug dealers

I want David Lynch to give me a role in Lost Highway

I want to be someone else

without knowing it

I wanna get stoned

not giving a damn about anything

I want to experience vacuum

I want to experience Nirvana

I want to be an apeman

I want no society

no civilisation

no cities

I want to be a sasquatch

I want to be a grizzly bear

to eat raw fish

and kill rednecks that fuck with my territory

I want to be a lucid dreamer

I want to fuck up the whole universe

fuck up all the rules

fuck up the cosmic law

I want immediate experiences

I want to be a Lemurian

I want to be overwhelmed by everything

I want to be vulnerable

I want to get stoned

but I hate drugs…

I’m fucked….

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